Talismans and amulets that bring good luck

Good luck talisman made of wood and burlap

You must all have experienced from your own experience when things don't go well, even when you try your best. Since ancient times, people with different cultures and beliefsattracts prosperityand luck used special items. Luck was lured with jewelry, handmade objects, plants and some animals. Amulets are any object that can have a positive energetic effect on the surrounding space of its owner to attract the benefits he needs.

Types of talismans and amulets

A metal amulet that attracts luck in the form of a pendant

Every culture has its own talismans, amulets and magical symbols. Those who have an excellent opportunity to travel are sure to bring talismans from other countries. There are things that protect a person from negative energies, bad words, lack of money, infertility and more. Every person who has a talisman puts a piece of himself, of his positive energy, into it.

There are amulets that are intended for one person, but they can be for whole families and generations. Any small thing or jewelry can act as a "magical thing", its positive effect on the owner is important. For example, many married couples consider the wedding ring as a talisman, which they never take off.

Today, choosing an amulet is not particularly difficult, but you need to understand it clearlywhy do you choose that?. Otherwise, even charged with positive and fruitful energy, it will not work.

Luck can radicallychange anyone's life. If luck also contributes, everything takes on bright colors, there is no obstacle to the realization of your plans. But he is so fickle, and today he will accompany me, and tomorrow he will turn away and everything will be ruined. Buy a good luck charm to attract it.

Lucky items

Talismans and amulets for good luck and well-being in the family

Choosing a talisman is not so easy. We offer items that, according to the beliefs of different nations, attract good luck and protect against adversity.

  • The acorn was a symbol of home protection. The ancient Vikings kept it near the window to protect the house from lightning.
  • Among African peoples, crocodile teeth attracted luck in gambling.
  • In Asian countries, bamboo shoots were consideredsymbol of luck. According to Feng Shui, this sprout should be planted in a pot and placed in the eastern part of the house to improve the qi energy in the house.
  • The triangle is an ancient symbol with many meanings. This geometric figure personifies the cycle of human life: childhood, youth and old age. It is also a symbol of stability.
  • Our ancestors kept the horsefaithful companion and helper, most likely a talisman, such as a horseshoe, is also associated with it. Many homes hang horseshoes above the front door to attract good luck and positive energy.
  • Dreamcatcher is a talisman from Indian culture. It is believed that this object protects against bad dreams.
  • The evil eye is a magical amulet thatit looks like an eye in a circle. It is used as a talisman in the Middle East.
  • The Guardian Lion is a popular statue in China. It should usually be placed at the entrance of the house or any room. The statue is believed to protect the house and property from miscreants.
  • A ladybug is an insect that brings good luck. If an insect lands on your hand, it means that good luck will soon await you.
  • The coin is a talisman of good luck for everyone
  • Coins in various cultures andthey symbolize luck everywhere. Some people consider it a good sign to find a coin that has fallen upside down on the street.
  • The dragon brings success in career building. It symbolizes strength and leadership qualities that can be transferred to the owner of the talisman with the image of the monster.
  • Why are piggy banks often shaped like pigs? In Asia and some European countries, this animal represents wealth and prosperity.
  • A rabbit's foot (specifically the hind leg) is a popular amulet associated with fertility. Therefore, wearing a paw can bring not only luck, but also a new family member.
  • According to Feng Shui, the figure of the smiling Buddha can bring great success and prosperity in business.
  • The three-legged toad is an Asian mascot that is gaining popularity in other countries.
  • Cat's eye is a semi-precious stone that many believe protects against the evil eye and ward off calamities.
  • According to the Japanese, a bouquet of three keys can open the door to prosperity, love and good health.
  • Elephants are symbols of luck, longevity and wisdom.
  • A lucky five-pointed star is a five-pointed star. It is an ancient symbol that can protect you from evil and attract the wheel of fortune.

Advantages and disadvantages of the "alien" talisman

A personalized talisman for luck and prosperity

Let's start by saying that even the talisman that you made for yourself, but chose the wrong parts, can be "alien". For example, a stone that does not suit you can work in one or another area of your life.

So what can happen if you choose or make the wrong talisman yourself:

  • It is neutral and does not affect your life, wear it as decoration.
  • It has a negative effect and brings discomfort and minor troubles.
  • It has powerful destructive energy and can negatively affect family life, health and other areas of life.

That is why it is important not only to know what things bring luck, but also to learn to choose them correctly. There are many recommendations for the compatibility of talismans, even if they are made by you personally.

Thus, any object can be an amulet or talisman, the main thing is to believe that it can bring luck and positive changes in your life. You can choose for yourself the thing that will protect you from misfortunes and attract good luck quite quickly.